Community Outreach and Engagement

The inability to capture diverse and multiple stakeholders’ perspectives are hurting government agencies, non-profits and corporate philanthropy agendas.  At Butler & Davis Consulting, we provide community outreach and engagement services, which are strategically tailored to identify and reach targeted audiences to gather input from diverse and multiple stakeholders.  Ultimately, we help organizations facilitate a feedback loop of communication that is both inclusive and proactive.  Our goal is to help organizations increase their understanding of their stakeholder’s perspective to make policies and programs that can be both effective and efficient.  We specialize in working with disenfranchised communities and groups experiencing low socioeconomic status.

Community Outreach and Engagement

Examples of community outreach and engagement services includes:

1.     Facilitating and organizing community forums

2.     Developing and assessing needs of stakeholders

3.     Stakeholder engagement

4.     Social media outreach

5.     Sensitizing communities on the government’s policy directions

6. Addressing health equity and health disparities