Is There Really Any Equity in Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Industry?

On the surface this training appeared to be an excellent step in rectifying the inequities in the medical marijuana industry. However, as a participant of the training, I quickly realized that this industry was big business and deep pockets were needed to get a foothold in the industry. Training and education would not be enough to address the lack of opportunity.  In fact, the trainers estimated that it would cost $30 million dollars just to get the doors open on a cannabusiness. Access to just one million dollars is not a privilege for most people. So, having millions of dollars as a prerequisite to starting a cannabusiness automatically excludes everyone who is not a part of the one percent. Not to mention that in addition to the millions of dollars needed to start a business it was recommended that we get an attorney,  a lobbyist, and a land zoning specialist to submit a $2,000 application for a grower or processor license. This recommendation was almost insulting, as it was absurd. On average, a typical business license cost no more than $500 in the state of Maryland.

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