The Rhymes and Hues of Ebony is an adult coloring book designed to help the African American woman seek inspiration as she releases stress through creative and colorful means. It contains personal essays that capture the beauty of friendship and family, inspirational quotes designed to motivate and inspire, and unique poems that will resonate with every woman. Readers will find comfort in the retelling of heartbreak, love, friendships, relationships, and the growing pains of life. The Rhymes and Hues of Ebony is a pleasure and an indulgence. This book contains: 30 coloring pages, 11 poems and 4 essays


Color Me to Discovery is a coloring book intended for women to creatively reduce stress, learn about themselves, and create beautiful art. It explores five themes: self-love, forgiveness, relationships, strength and courage, and sex, while taking you through guided meditation exercises and supplying you with reflection questions intended for your self-exploration and growth. Most importantly, Cupid’s Planner hopes that this book will provide you with an opportunity to relax and grow.



Inner Goddess Boot Camp

Inner Goddess Boot Camp

Inner Goddess Boot Camp is a 12-week webinar training were women will explore the multi facets of their life to include relationships, love, self-worth, sex, and forgiveness.  As we go through each of these areas, women will be encouraged to discovery and hone into their deepest desires so they can manifest the life they have envisioned.

Participants of this webinar series will be provided with self-reflection exercises, a journal, and a copy of Color Me to Discovery.  Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to work with staff to create individualized personal development plans and opportunity to fellowship with like minded women.

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“Ebony thinks out of the box, She really helped me look beyond the surface.” - A.L. - Frederick, MD

“In the workshops we discussed self love, sexual expression and self awareness …empowering women to feel comfortable and pride in their own skin.”

— T.T - San Francisco, CA