Program Development


Program Management

Social Work Program Development and Management

Butler & Davis Consulting takes programs to the next level by utilizing our extensive and diverse experiences coupled with evidence-based practices to develop and manage social service programs.  We specialize in creating programs for at-risk youths and families, adults and juveniles involved in the penal system, and the severely and persistently mentally ill. 

Services include:

1.     Reviewing literature on various youth, family, re-entry, preventive and intervention topics 

2.     Creating evidence-based programs

3.     Program budget development

4.     Design and conduct implementation and impact evaluations of programs and policies

5.     Examining the availability and quality of information for making program decisions

6.     Mindfulness and wellness activities

Management Consulting

Butler & Davis Consulting wants to enhance organizations and leaders capabilities to utilize resources in their community to sustain business functions.  Driven by results we can help your organization close knowledge and skills gaps to improve efficiency and effectiveness. You tell us what you don’t know to execute your business functions and we will help you find the solution.

Past Projects

  • Summer Youth Development Program with 100 Excellence

  • “Perfectly Punctual” with Learn Lead

  • Know Your Rights Training with Lincoln Park Civic Association