Service Overview

Butler & Davis Consulting offers capacity building and training to equip your organization with the tools to meet the ever-changing world's needs.  Our sophisticated program development and management services assist organizations in creating efficient and effective systems that maximize staff’s skills, knowledge and abilities.  By leveraging communication, we provide a grassroots approach to community outreach and engagement services to create and strengthen relationships that tap into the pulse of consumers.  Additionally, our master level social work consultants can provide clinical expertise in child welfare, substance abuse and criminal justice involved populations.

Service Pledge

Social Work Consultant

Our service is guided by principles including an unwavering commitment towards:               

1.           Improving client’s quality of life

2.           Rendering the highest level of service possible to clientele and communities     

3.           Enabling our clients to develop and operate effective organizations and high staff performance

4.           Maintaining a professional approach to training that meets the social work professional standards

Core Values

1.           Approaching all professional activities with an emphasis on interpersonal integrity, diligence and creative problem solving

2.           Prioritizing our client satisfaction

3.           Creating and maintaining mutual trust and respect in our professional engagement

4.           Promoting optimal performance of our individual and organizational clients

5.           Passion and love for what we do

Past Accomplishments

·      Developed and implemented summer long psychoeducational program for at-risk youths for Excellence 100

·      Managed the hiring, training and evaluation of contract staff for Phelps and Phelps Inc.

·      Created a self-help/mindfulness social media campaign reaching women across the world

·      Managed 50 campaign organizers and sites for the Vote No on Question 7 Campaign in Maryland

·      Facilitated and evaluated Perfectly Punctual Family Literacy Program for Learn Lead


Services Included

Program Management and Development

Capacity Building and Trainings

Community Outreach and Engagement

Clinical Casework/Supervision