Ebony L. Davis

practical solutions for everyday challenges

Butler & Davis Consulting is named in honor of Ebony Davis’ great great grandmother, Ester Butler, who was a slave in Rockville, Maryland.  This heritage of perseverance, social justice, equality and equity serves as the foundation to all of Butler & Davis’ work.

 Ebony L. Davis MPA, MSW, LCSW-C is the Lead Consultant for Butler & Davis Consulting.  Ms. Davis possesses a Master of Social Work and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Southern California.  Her undergraduate matriculation resulted in a Bachelor of Art in Psychology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  She is a Licensed Certified Social Worker – Clinical in the state of Maryland.  Possessing over 10 years of professional experience working closely with the federal government, various non-profits, and state agencies to evaluate family literacy programs, continuity programs, and develop interagency resources.  The combination of Ms. Davis’ education, professional experiences, and passion for fairness and justice serves as her catalyst to equip agencies and organizations with the tools necessary to implement effective and efficient programming and trainings.


Program Development and Management

Technical Assistance and Training

Community Outreach and Engagement

Clinical Casework and Supervision

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